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They will enjoy their new life hand in hand Comment ID: SS2852

Candy and John began their communication from June, 2010. In July, they met at Zhongshan for the first time. After John went back to Finland, they continued sending letters to each other and finally they decided to get married.

On Sep 24, they held the wedding party at Zhongshan and got the marriage certificate on the next day. Now they will enjoy their new life hand in hand.

They're really meant for each other Comment ID: SS2869

Michael sent a cupid note to Genna in May, 2010, and Genna was very glad to respond to him. They keep on wirting to each other and exchange photos.

Michael and Genna were born on the same day and they have same hobbies. Michael is a guitar teacher, and Genna loves music and dancing. They're really meant for each other. In July, Michael came to Asia to meet Genna and had great time with her.

Ken and Maggie became a happy couple as their family wished Comment ID: SS2806

Maggie received Ken's letter on Jun 18, 2009. Since Ken could speak Asian, they later kept private contact. Ken flew to Chongqing to meet this lady in the next month. With the help of the agency, they met each other for the first time and enjoyed the famous Chongqing chafing dish. Ken went to meet Maggie's family on the next day, then after a week, he flew back to Australia.

Christy and Kevin got married in America! Comment ID: SS2867

Christy and Kevin began their love journey by mails through our site on Jan 3, 2009. Months later, they met in Dongguan in Asia in August 5, they got on well with each other. They filled in the aplication for Fiancee Visa at that time. After Kevin came back to his country, they can not help missing each other, so he went to Asia for the sencond time and accompanied Christy for one week. At last, Christy finally got her visa to America.